Hello everyone! My name is Zach Forlenza-Bailey and I’m a Television-Radio major here at Ithaca College in the Class of 2016.

I’m really interested in editing and scriptwriting. My goal is to either edit or be part of the writing team on a TV show (preferably comedy). I am looking forward to learning more about each subject, gaining experience and skill, and having a final decision on what I really want to do.

Although I have a strong interest in the communications area, throughout high school I was primarily a musician. I have a pretty strong knowledge of music, but preferred to keep it as a hobby. I've played the saxophone for 9 years and I would love to keep music as a part of my life. I have continued to show interest in music at Ithaca by playing in a jazz ensemble in the music school and DJing on both VIC and WICB radio stations.

Throughout the Spark course, I’ve realized that it’s competitive in the world of communications and media, but while I study here at Park I hope to gain connections and skills that will help me survive in the communications world.

Whether I’m in New York City, Los Angeles or Abroad, I hope that by the time I graduate I will be confident and prepared for the next step.