Being a Leader is more than merely directing others or being in charge in some way. Some of history's most important leaders have found ways to create new paths that others fail to imagine. Whether that new path is a new way of learning, new knowledge, a new way of teaching, or a new way of taking action, leadership and innovation go hand in hand. As such, it is my personal desire to be this type of leader. The type of leader who will stand when needed and observe when necessary; ever learning, ever planing to make his/her world better.

My name is Zack Jones. I'm a freshman chemistry major and an MLK Scholar at Ithaca College. I am working toward a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, expecting to graduate in 2015. Originally from Amherst, NY, a suburb of Buffalo, I graduated from Amherst High School in 2011. As I take great pride in my academic accomplishments, I am proud of my 3.9 Senior average in High School, and of course, Being accepted to the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Program here at Ithaca College.


My major interests begin with Science, which of course has lead me to my current field of study. I have always had a love for a science and the natural world so it only seemed right to pursue the things that i love. In addition, Music is one of my strongest passions in life, and I am blessed to be a member of Second Dam, a band for which I play guitar, as well as playing Violin in Ithaca College's Sinfonietta (campus orchestra).