This is my e-portfolio.  I am currently a senior at Ithaca College.  I am a Physical Education and Health Education dual major.  I completed my student teaching at DeWitt Middle School for Health Education, and Newfield Elementary for Physical Education.  I was a four year member of the Ithaca College Swimming and Diving team.  In the future I hope to become a PE teacher and coach.  I love working with kids, and being active.  I think having the role of a PE teacher is extremely important.  As a PE teacher you can give kids the skills to develop life-long healthy lifestyles.  I think becoming a PE teacher is a goal of mine because I realize the importance of physical education.  I want to teach children all the positive benefits of leading a healthy and active life.  If I were to summarize my teaching philosophy in one phrase it would be: all students have the ability to learn, and it is the job of the instructor to find a way to meet the needs of each individual so that they all have an equal opportunity to learn.  

     In the future I hope to have a family, I want the skills I learn and the beliefs I hold in the professional field to carry over to my home life. Outside of work and family, I plan on leading an active lifestyle.  I hope to continue to participate in sports and physical activity.  Some of my goals are to compete in a marathon, and an iron-man triathlon.  I hope to stay fit and healthy throughout my life.  Physical Activity, and wellness is a major part of my life, and I hope to teach others in my life these beliefs that are so important to my life.